Cover for TemplumA time travel by Jennifer Malin

After losing her job, her boyfriend and her best friend, Brit Colladay thinks she’s hit rock bottom. Then while touring Roman ruins, she’s accidentally transported to the first century. Living as a slave near Pompeii, she fakes a gift of prophecy, but when she predicts Vesuvius will erupt, her owner doesn’t believe her.

Nicomachus, a Roman priest renowned for the “miracles” he engineers, knows a fraud when he sees one, but Brit’s brains and beauty intrigue him, and he’d rather join forces than expose her. In exchange for sharing her tricks, she wants help escaping the upcoming eruption, but helping a slave run away could get him executed.

As time runs out, they try to forge a plan. Is the answer fleeing, traveling through time, or even changing history? And can they stay together, or will survival mean living apart?

The digital version is available on Kindle, Nook or Kobo. To find on Amazon, click “Get Kindle Edition” on the web reader below. For the Nookbook, click here. For the UK Amazon page, use this link; Amazon Australia, click here; Amazon Canada, here; for the Kobo version, please click here.

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