A Regency romance novella by Jennifer Malin

Meek Miranda Granville comes alive at the pianoforte — except when Andrew Owen is beside her. His playing moves her, but his critiques of her spoil the effect.

As for Andrew, he only wants to share his training with her, but he always seems to botch it. The trouble is he’d rather run his fingers over her than the keyboard, but she’s promised to his rogue of a cousin.

When his cousin stands her up at the village bonfire, Andrew gets his chance to strike a chord with her, but to do it, he’ll have to outplay both his rival and her father.


Fans of Anthea Lawson, Kathleen Baldwin and Susan Carroll will love this sweet Regency romance novella written in the tradition of Jane Austen. Originally appeared in the With this Ring anthology published by Zebra Books (Kensington). Approximately 19,500 words.

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