An invitation to translate ancient inscriptions near Pompeii over summer break is a dream for classics professor Winnie Price. Although the dig is for a TV show instead of a scholarly project, it’s a way to carry on the legacy of her archaeologist father, who died on their last trip to Italy.

Then her department chair horns his way in on the gig. The show host is more sensationalist than scientist. Her cocky assistant Chaz keeps flirting with her — and getting harder to resist. A looter’s hole appears at the dig site. Worst of all, it turns out someone forged the referral letter that got her on the show, and the prime suspect is her — or Chaz.

Add to the mix a reenactment of pagan rites spiced up with a psychoactive homebrew, and Winnie has a lot more to interpret than Latin.

Fans of Jess Walter, Graeme Simsion and Catherine Bybee will love this international mystery with a vibrant Italian setting and an archaeological plot spiced up with symbolic elements. The novel is also infused with a good dose of smart romantic comedy.

The digital version is available on Kindle, Nook or Kobo. Scroll down to read a sample. (To buy on Kindle, click “Get Kindle Edition” on the web reader. The Nookbook is here; for the UK Amazon page, click here; Kobo edition, here.)

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