Cover, Eternally YoursA Victorian house in a small town is all that artist Lara Peale has left of her failed marriage. Now she wants to erase reminders of her divorce from her home — but before she can make any major renovations, the plans will have to be approved by the Falls Borough Historical Society.

The group sends over historian and author Mark Vereker, whose views clash with Lara’s right off the bat. As a Falls Borough native, Mark has worked hard to preserve the town’s beautiful old houses and is determined, in his view, to keep Lara from ruining hers.

Meanwhile Mark’s ancestor, late poet and womanizer Geoffrey Vereker, watches the mortals from beyond. What starts as voyeurism gives him insight into his cursed existence, but can he find redemption for his past?

Fans of Heather Graham, Melissa F Olson and Darcy Coates will love the small-town setting, three-dimensional characters and paranormal (ghost) elements in this contemporary romance, originally published as part of the Berkley Jove (Penguin Group) Love Letters line.

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