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seventhnewcover_smAt the suggestion of my longtime and fabulous critique partner Tracy Fobes, I’ve been meaning for a while to update the ebook edition cover of Seventh Sanctuary with an image that gives a better sense of the steaminess of the story. (For now, the print edition will still have the original cover, since changing that is more complicated.)

After a lot of contemplation and a bit of a quest, a stock photo caught my eye, and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Over the weekend, Hubby helped with tweaking and typography, and voilà, the makeover is now complete on the Kindle and Nook editions. What do you think? 😉

For those not familiar with Seventh Sanctuary, the 154-page steamy romance novella tells the story of three ancient Sumerians caught in a web of desire and — maybe — divine intervention. But will the great and terrible goddess Inanna smile on them — or is it her will to destroy them?

The back-cover blurb and a sample are available on the book page here. Scroll down to the web reader for the sample.

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… then “A Perfect Duet” should whet your appetite for romance. In addition to a hero and heroine who speak to each other through their piano-playing, it has a Regency-England setting (Jane Austen-style), a May Day bonfire with celebrants pairing off in the woods, and a mad-dash elopement with an uncertain outcome.

The novella (about 20,000 words) is available as an ebook for the first time and is also my first 99-cent offering. (“Cheap!” as they say over at MAD magazine.) Kindle and Nook editions are both live now.

For a description of the plot and/or to read a sample, hop over to the brand-spanking-new “A Perfect Duet” page here.

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A few quick updates:

Hubby and I recently self-published all five books as NOOKbooks, so they’re now available through Barnes and Noble. Check them out on BN.com here.

On Nookboards, an independent forum for Nook users, I also posted a little info about how For the Love of Lila came about. Please drop by the thread here. If you can think of a comment or question and thereby bump up the thread, I’d be grateful!

Finally, on the official B&N Community Forum (“BookClubs”), I posted a plug for The Artful Miss Irvine. To check that out, click here.

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