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seventhnewcover_smAt the suggestion of my longtime and fabulous critique partner Tracy Fobes, I’ve been meaning for a while to update the ebook edition cover of Seventh Sanctuary with an image that gives a better sense of the steaminess of the story. (For now, the print edition will still have the original cover, since changing that is more complicated.)

After a lot of contemplation and a bit of a quest, a stock photo caught my eye, and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Over the weekend, Hubby helped with tweaking and typography, and voilà, the makeover is now complete on the Kindle and Nook editions. What do you think? 😉

For those not familiar with Seventh Sanctuary, the 154-page steamy romance novella tells the story of three ancient Sumerians caught in a web of desire and — maybe — divine intervention. But will the great and terrible goddess Inanna smile on them — or is it her will to destroy them?

The back-cover blurb and a sample are available on the book page here. Scroll down to the web reader for the sample.

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If you have a Kindle or read Kindle books another device (like your phone or ‘puter), hop over to Amazon for a FREE download of my steamy ancient-Sumerian romance novella Seventh Sanctuary. The promo runs through midnight on Wednesday, July 4th.

Interestingly, the University of Pennsylvania Museum blog featured a post this week on Enheduanna, the high priestess of ancient Ur who wrote the hymns that are chanted by worshipers of the goddess Inanna in my story. As I’ve mentioned before, Enheduanna is the earliest-known author or either gender. For the Penn article about her, click here.

On a side note, Seventh Sanctuary is now also available in paperback, but not for free. (Sorry!) Find it on Amazon or Createspace for $8.00 — for links, the back-cover blurb, and sample chapters, please see the book page here.

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Update: Note that the New Year giveaway has ended — thanks to all 1,040 readers in the US, UK and Germany who downloaded A Perfect Duet! — but if you missed it, check back around Valentine’s Day. If this one seems to spur sales in the coming weeks, I’ll do another. : )

Heads up to anyone who owns a Kindle or reads Kindle books on other devices: On January 1st and 2nd, you can download my Regency romance (think Jane Austen) novella, A Perfect Duet for free.


Meek Miranda Granville only comes alive at the pianoforte, but even there, Andrew Owen intimidates her. His playing moves her like nothing else, but his critiques of her spoil the effect.

Andrew just wants to share the advantage of his professional training with Miranda, but his words always seem to come out wrong. The trouble is he’d rather be running his fingers over her than the keyboard, but she’s been promised to his rogue of a cousin Julian since childhood.

When Julian stands Miranda up at the village bonfire celebration, Andrew gets a chance to strike a chord with her — but if he wants to make her his, he’ll have to outplay both his cousin and her father.

Set yourself a reminder now, or get one from me by following me on Twitter here or “liking” me on Facebook (see the widget on the right side of the home page on my blog).

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… then “A Perfect Duet” should whet your appetite for romance. In addition to a hero and heroine who speak to each other through their piano-playing, it has a Regency-England setting (Jane Austen-style), a May Day bonfire with celebrants pairing off in the woods, and a mad-dash elopement with an uncertain outcome.

The novella (about 20,000 words) is available as an ebook for the first time and is also my first 99-cent offering. (“Cheap!” as they say over at MAD magazine.) Kindle and Nook editions are both live now.

For a description of the plot and/or to read a sample, hop over to the brand-spanking-new “A Perfect Duet” page here.

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Opening Day

A new day, a brand spankin’ new blog! Good to see you here.

2010 has been a productive year. Back to writing fiction after about a five-year hiatus, and lots achieved in the way of getting my out-of-print books up and available as e-books.

In March, I got the rights reverted for Lord St. Leger’s Find and The Artful Miss Irvine. Both are now available on RegencyReads.com. That means all five full-length novels are up between that site and BelgraveHouse.com. (The rights to my novella aren’t available for another year.)

Hubby and I have also been working on getting the books on Kindle and have three of them up so far: As You Wish, Eternally Yours and St. Leger. He created the Kindle covers and did an awesome job. To view them, check out my Amazon Author Page and click on the “Kindle Books” tab; link here.

Please check back for updates on our Kindle venture and news about the work-in-progress.

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