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Templum, my new time travel, is up on Kindle and Nook! (Print edition coming soon.) Check it out:

Cover for TemplumAfter losing her job, her boyfriend and her best friend, Brit Colladay thinks she’s hit rock bottom. Then while touring Roman ruins, she’s accidentally transported to the first century. Living as a slave near Pompeii, she fakes a gift of prophecy, but when she predicts Vesuvius will erupt, her owner doesn’t believe her.

Nicomachus, a Roman priest renowned for the “miracles” he engineers, knows a fraud when he sees one, but Brit’s brains and beauty intrigue him, and he’d rather join forces than expose her. In exchange for sharing her tricks, she wants help escaping the upcoming eruption, but helping a slave run away could get him executed.

As time runs out, they try to forge a plan. Is the answer fleeing, traveling through time, or even changing history? And can they stay together, or will survival mean living apart?

Links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble below the cover pic on left. (How do you like the cover? 🙂 )

To find on Amazon, go here.
For the Nookbook, click here.
For the UK Amazon page, use this link;
Amazon Australia, click here;
Amazon Canada, here.

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If you have a Kindle or read Kindle books another device (like your phone or ‘puter), hop over to Amazon for a FREE download of my steamy ancient-Sumerian romance novella Seventh Sanctuary. The promo runs through midnight on Wednesday, July 4th.

Interestingly, the University of Pennsylvania Museum blog featured a post this week on Enheduanna, the high priestess of ancient Ur who wrote the hymns that are chanted by worshipers of the goddess Inanna in my story. As I’ve mentioned before, Enheduanna is the earliest-known author or either gender. For the Penn article about her, click here.

On a side note, Seventh Sanctuary is now also available in paperback, but not for free. (Sorry!) Find it on Amazon or Createspace for $8.00 — for links, the back-cover blurb, and sample chapters, please see the book page here.

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If you have a Kindle or read Kindle books on other devices, hop on over to Amazon now through Monday to get a free copy of my Regency romance novella A Perfect Duet. Here’s the blurb:

Meek Miranda Granville only comes alive at the pianoforte, but even there, Andrew Owen intimidates her. His playing moves her like nothing else, but his critiques of her spoil the effect.

Andrew only wants to share the advantage of his training with Miranda, but his words always come out wrong. The trouble is he’d rather run his fingers over her than the keyboard, but she’s been promised to his rogue of a cousin Julian since childhood.

When Julian stands Miranda up at a bonfire celebration, Andrew gets a chance to strike a chord with her –- but if he wants to make her his, he’ll have to outplay both his cousin and her father.

Have a great three-day weekend!

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The Five-Day Dig is finally here, and you’re one of the first to know! Kindle and Nook editions ($3.99) are up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and you can get the paperback at Createspace (use the code SQ55F9SW at checkout for 25% off the $12.99 list price). The print version should also be up on Amazon and other sites soon.

Here’s the blurb:

A chance to translate inscriptions near Pompeii is a dream for classics prof Winnie Price, except the dig is for a cheesy TV show. The host is more sensationalist than scientist, Winnie’s boss horns his way in on the project, and her cocky teaching assistant keeps flirting with her—and getting harder to resist.

The other issue is that on her last trip to Italy, her father died there. A spiritual cynic since losing him, she resists reading into the goddess symbols that keep popping up in her life. What concerns her more are a looter’s hole at the dig site and an unexplained collapse in the ruins. Then it turns out the referral letter that got her the gig was forged, and the prime suspect is her—or her assistant.

Add to the mix a reenactment of pagan rites spiced up with a psychoactive homebrew, and Winnie has more to interpret than just Latin.

Read the first chapter or find links to sellers here. (Scroll down to the Web reader.)

Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

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A few quick updates:

Hubby and I recently self-published all five books as NOOKbooks, so they’re now available through Barnes and Noble. Check them out on BN.com here.

On Nookboards, an independent forum for Nook users, I also posted a little info about how For the Love of Lila came about. Please drop by the thread here. If you can think of a comment or question and thereby bump up the thread, I’d be grateful!

Finally, on the official B&N Community Forum (“BookClubs”), I posted a plug for The Artful Miss Irvine. To check that out, click here.

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