seventhnewcover_smA steamy romance novella of ancient Ur by Jennifer Malin


In a time when the faithful looked to a great and terrible goddess for salvation, a young mother is plagued by feverish dreams about her late husband, jeopardizing her health and her new marriage. Her current spouse goes to the temple to pray for her recovery but, once there, is enthralled by one of the priestesses of Inanna. The web of desire also ensnares the priestess, who considers forsaking her sacred vows to stay with this man who already has a wife and family.

All three look to the goddess for guidance. Will Inanna smile on them — or is it her will to destroy them?

An exotic ancient setting and mythological elements that draw on the traditions surrounding Inanna, Enki and Gilgamesh will appeal to fans of prehistoric and early historic fiction, including the works of Michelle Moran, Octavia Randolph and K T Tomb.

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