Historical romance by Jennifer Malin

Lila Covington’s father educated her like a son, but now he’s gone, and her only prospects are to marry or rely on unwelcoming relatives for a home. Longing for independence, she plans to emulate a free-thinking cousin by moving to Paris to make a living writing and translating.

Tristan Wyndam is an upstanding young barrister and protégé of the late Mr. Covington. When his mentor’s daughter consults him about finances for her journey, he insists on escorting her, despite the risk to both of their reputations.

What neither knows is just how free a lifestyle Lila’s cousin is leading. Instead of ending at the City of Light, their ride together gets wilder there.

A strong heroine and international plot (set in the England of Jane Austen and post-Napoleonic France) will appeal to fans of Regency historical romances by Karey White, Bronwen Evans and Daphne du Bois. Originally published by Leisure Books (Dorchester).

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